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Aurelus symbol

Aurelus is a mysterious Faction introduced in Bakugan Battle Planet. Aurelus Bakugan have a gold color scheme alongside high B-Power and Damage rating but do not have Ability Cards (besides Evo Cards) within the first two card expansions to balance this. Most Aurelus Bakugan (with the only current exception being Pyravian come with Aurelus Character Cards but come with a Faction Card based on the the Bakugan's Faction from the anime. For example, Hydorous is Aquos in the anime, so a solo Bakugan Ultra pack of Aurelus Hydorous Ultra comes with Counter Aquos, a card of the Aquos Faction.

Despite some misconceptions, this is a completely new faction (attribute) that replaces Subterra (the elements of earth/Subterra have been merged with the Ventus Faction). [1]


Aurelus Bakugan are generally more powerful than other Factions in terms of B-Power and Damage. However, they have virtually no support in the game, with the only Aurelus-attributed cards in the first two expansions being Evo Cards. The third expansion, Age of Aurelus, focuses on exploring Aurelus Bakugan and features the first Aurelus action cards.

Notable Users[edit]

There are no Aurelus users in the Bakugan Battle Planet anime currently. In fact, Aurelus Bakugan seem to be unknown to most of the characters as evidenced by Lia's shock and confusion upon encountering a golden bird Bakugan in Rubbed the Wrong Way . The only known Aurelus Bakugan are Pyravian, Tiko, Goreene, and Tryhno, all of which have no owners.

Brawler Guardian Bakugan

Color Scheme[edit]


  • This is the first new Attribute (now called Faction) to be introduced into the Bakugan game since the pre-HSP release of Bakugan Battle Brawlers.


Aurelus comes from "aurum", the Latin word for gold, in reference to the gold primary color of an Aurelus Bakugan.