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The Bakugan Battle Planet Battle Brawlers Starter Set is a starter set that is part of the first card set which contains 40 Ability Cards as well as 1 Bakugan Ultra Bakugan and 2 regular Bakugan.


  • UNBOX AND PLAY: Everything you need to roll into action is inside the Battle Brawlers Starter Set. Take your three included Bakugan into battle and power them up with your BakuCores and 40-card deck (
  • ROLL TO TRANSFORM: Roll your Bakugan for POP OPEN Baku-Action. Roll your Bakugan Ultra and it will LEAP OPEN, picking up its BakuCore and revealing its power. How do you roll?
  • COLLECT, TRADE, BATTLE: Begin your Bakugan collection with the transforming Bakugan, Character Cards, BakuCores and Ability Cards included in this pack. Then, trade with friends or head into battle!

List of Starter Sets[edit]

This set allows players to play the trading-card aspect of the game. It comes with 1 Bakugan Ultra Bakugan, 2 Core Bakugan, 6 BakuCores, 3 Character Cards, and 40 Ability Cards. It is priced at $29.99 (USD).

The cards are the same in every package, so the 40 card deck inside is the same for every Pyrus Hydorous Ultra Starter Set for example. The cards are great for players looking to start playing the game, more cards can be received from Battle Brawlers Booster Packs.

Image Bakugan Included BakuCores Included Character Cards Included Ability Cards Included
BBP Starter Set.jpg 6 BakuCores
BBP Starter Set (2).jpg 6 BakuCores
BBP Starter Set (3).jpg 6 BakuCores